Ruby and Primo Pit Bulls Are Boon Companions of Frank Lollino Jr.

Posted: November 18, 2015 in Sports

Frank Lollino Jr.’s companions Ruby and Primo are pit bulls, a controversial dog breed. A nine-year study of fatal dog attacks in the U.S. found pit bulls implicated in 42 of 101 known breed attacks. A 1991 study reported that 93% of attacks on children by pit bulls were unprovoked. Other studies include a 5-year review of fatal dog attacks where 29% of 84 deaths implicated pit bulls, and a 20-year study by the American Veterinary Medical Association of fatal dog attacks on humans found that “fatal attacks on humans appear to be a breed-specific problem (pit bull-type dogs and Rottweilers),” and that “pit bull-type dogs and Rottweilers were involved in more than half” (67%) of all the 238 recorded dog bite-related fatalities (DBRF) in the United States during that period, with pit bulls accounting for 66 deaths. The AVMA later reversed its position on breed as a factor in dog bite fatalities, of interest to pit bull lover Frank Lollino Jr.

Frank Lollino Jr

Frank Lollino Jr

A five-year study of dog attack victims at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia indicated that pit bulls were responsible for more than half the bites, when the breed was identified by the victims. “…the overwhelming number of bites involving pit bull terriers in this study and others certainly has some degree of validity when it comes to identifying bite-prone breeds. Pit bull terriers, German shepherds, and Rottweilers were the offending breeds implicated in our study”. Frank Lollino Jr. takes exception to these kinds of conclusions about his beloved pit bulls.


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