Posted: June 27, 2015 in Sports

Communication is a key part of success. There is an old story in the Old Testament (or Torah) of the Bible. In this story, the great kingdoms of man believe they can challenge God by working together as one force to build a grand tower that pierced the heavens and would make them equal to God. Because of their arrogance, God decides he will not allow the completion of the tower, and partway through the building, he confuses the people. He confuses the people by giving them seventy different languages, instead of just one. A man you could talk to yesterday now could not understand what you were saying. So the people of similar languages banded together. These people went to different corners of the world and became nations. No one stayed to try and finish the great tower.

Frank Lollino Jr

Frank Lollino Jr

Without the ability to communicate, all is lost. Without the ability to communicate well, much is lost. Communication in sports is one of the biggest factors for success. If you have ever played with a member of the volleyball team in an intramural volleyball game, you might notice they are somewhat out of their comfort zone, but they are still incredible. You will also notice that they talk, a lot. They will say “I’ve got it,” they will call a number when they set the ball and expect you to spike. Frank Lollino Jr. is an experienced and successful basketball coach who has been teaching team after team how to communicate successfully. Because of this, he has experienced a good deal of success as a coach.

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