Asking of the Team, Frank Lollino Jr

Posted: May 16, 2015 in Sports

Frank Lollino Jr is a successful basketball coach that lives in the city of Chicago Illinois. For over a decade he has been helping teams gain victories and it’s helped many programs turn their fortunes around. He has done this by instilling the values of teamwork and dedication. By asking the most of each and every one of his players to focus on the good of the team, he is able to bring out the best in them and to create a kinship in the groups that help them achieve wins. In the game of basketball, it is important for teammates to work together in order to execute strategies designed to let them defeat their opponents and the strategies include positioning on the court, shooting strategies, substitution strategies, defensive strategies and more. It is important for players to get the flow of team functionality in all of these aspects, so each of these things are drawn out of them and repeated over and over through repetition and practice as well as executing them in games as the season goes on. These are all learning experiences that are best experienced as a team so that each player learn something from each of the situations and they can grow from them. One of the highest skills that you can have as a team is that of communication as it allows for rapid information to spread amongst the team in a variety of situations. Not only does the coach talk to the players, players must talk to the players and share what is happening, what the other team is doing, and what they can do better towards the eventual goal of taking the win.

Frank Lollino Jr

Frank Lollino Jr


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