Frank Lollino Jr.: End of Period

Posted: April 4, 2015 in Sports

Frank Lollino Jr. is very familiar of the infamous buzzer that has robbed many basketball greats of their chances of victory, as well as sealed some for others. But not all periods end like the fourth one, and the buzzer can often give players and coaches the chance to reconvene. The buzzer doesn’t always signify the end of the period, though, as indicated by the official NBA Rule Book:

Frank Lollino Jr

Frank Lollino Jr

“…EXCEPTIONS: (1) If a field goal attempt is in flight toward the basket, the period ends when the goal is made, missed or touched by an offensive player. (2) If the official’s whistle sounds prior to the horn or :00.0 on the clock, the period is not over and time must be added to the clock. (3) If a field goal attempt is in flight toward the basket when the horn sounds ending a period, and it subsequently is touched by: (a) a defensive player, the goal, if successful, shall count; or (b) an offensive player, the period has ended. (4) If a timeout request is made as time expires for a period, the period ends and the timeout shall not be granted. (5) If there is a foul called on or by a player in the act of shooting the period will end after the foul is penalized. (See Rule 13—II—b(ii)). b. If the ball is dead and the game clock shows :00.0, the period has ended even though the horn may not have sounded. “

Frank Lollino Jr. appreciates the many ways in which to extend the period.

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