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Frank Lollino Jr. is a basketball coach from Illinois who has over a decade of experience in turning around programs and bringing teams to victory. One of the biggest values he puts an emphasis on is teamwork, which is especially important in the game of basketball. In basketball, teammates must work together in order to make plays that will fool their opponents and give them a clear shot at the hoop.

Frank Lollino Jr

Frank Lollino Jr

In order to pull off these plays, bonds between each player on the team must be established so that the chemistry is there to make the plays happen. And establishing these bonds comes with the acknowledgement of the values below.

First, one must understand the value of the team’s interests, and selflessly commit to those interests. Frank Lollino Jr. believes in giving to the common good so that you can achieve things that are bigger than you. The commitment to the team involves the ability to cut certain habits and play as a part of a whole that will eventually lead to the potential of greater successes.

Second, a team player is well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each player, and is willing to help them improve on both.

Third, communication is essential to making plays happen, says Frank Lollino Jr.. In order to have effective communication, each player must place an equal sense of value on the words of his or her teammates. Listening skills are just as important as talking ones, and players should do both.